What are afformations?

Everyone has heard of affirmations, but have you heard of afformations? The definition of an affirmation is “the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed”.

Now affirmations can work, and many people have positive results with them, but they have a strong determination and most of the time, you have to force yourself to repeat them day in and day out, after a while, you may start to believe what you are affirming. Most of the time; however, affirmations are draining you and pushing you further from the outcome you desire. You are telling yourself a complete lie that takes a lot of willpower to overcome and even more determination to bring forth results.

This is where afformations come in, they have no definition in the dictionary; simply put, afformations are “affirmations in the form of questions”. The question WHY takes place of the false belief you are trying to force yourself to believe. Instead of affirming “I am this or that” and trying to figure out “HOW” because you don’t believe the statement, you are asking your mind “WHY” by automatically accepting it as the truth and thus it WILL give you the reasons you are this or that.

You can keep using affirmations if you chose, or you can take a new approach to life and start asking  yourself the right questions. A simple test: I am wealthy how does that statement feel to you? Do you believe you are wealthy? How many times must you affirm that statement before you actually start to believe it? 1,000 times? A MILLION? Even when you start to believe it, you will probably still have doubts and your ego will be fighting you tooth and nail to prove you wrong because of the beliefs you have instilled in your subconscious.

Here’s the afformation of the exact same statement: Why am I so wealthy? Say that to yourself, out loud.  Do you feel the difference this makes? Can you see that you are asking your mind to come up with the answer to this question, which you are assuming to be true instead of giving it a direct command that it will resist? Questions are the answer, they are what the mind works with, and once these questions start giving you answers, then and only then you will start believing the affirmation, it’s kind of like a catch 22.

All these self-help empowerment gurus preaching about affirmations are in it to make money, plain and simple.  You can read countless books on how to positively affirm your life and make it better, but it takes a lot of effort and determination, how much effort are you willing to put into FORCING yourself to believe something you know is not true? Read that question again if you are now thinking twice about affirmations. The truth is, you can get burned out quickly, affirming day after day complete lies and not seeing results.

An affirmation is great, but the problem lies in your subconscious beliefs. But asking the right questions, you are literally removing your self-limiting beliefs and bringing a true affirmation to surface, one you can believe because your mind found the answer, not because you forced it into submission. Think about that for a second. You ask a question and your mind goes to work to find the reasons, the answers to that question, ALWAYS, every single time. You make a blank statement and it gives you a CONCLUSION BASED ON WHAT YOU ALREADY BELIEVE TO BE TRUE.

Start today asking the right questions and stop trying to force yourself to believe something that you don’t, this is the process to changing your belief system. Afform your mind instead of affirming it. Try our self-esteem afformation program for free and watch in the next few weeks as you start believing in yourself more and making positive changes effortlessly.