Save Money Afformations

By | April 3, 2014

Save Money AfformationsDo you struggle to save money and make ends meet? If so, why? It’s not because you don’t make enough money, it’s because of your habits, your unconscious habits of buying things you don’t really need, spending money left and right then after it’s all gone, you wonder where it went. Does that sound familiar to you?

Too many people spend frivolously and complain about not having enough money, when the truth is, they blow it left and right and have no idea they are even doing it! It’s subconscious thought patterns that many have been trained to ignore and the big corperations play a big part in your spending habits. everywhere you go, there is a sign that says try this, buy that, save big money, the truth is, if you are buying something they are advertising, you aren’t saving a dime.

Saving has been misused by big companies time and time again to get people to spend money, not save it. There is a company called Kroger – they are notorious for misusing the word “savings” as well as many other big name companies. If you are buying something, what are you saving? Seriously think about that question.

The only way to break free from these habitual thought patterns is to start asking the right questions or you could go the hard route and use affirmations, but then again, you have been programmed to believe that a dollar off is saving money, when in fact the item still costs you $5 instead of $6… Saving money is NOT SPENDING it on unneeded items, plain and simple.

Free demos of our subliminal afformations:

Our subliminal afformations are designed to get your subconscious mind to rethink what you are thinking about. Instead of trying to force yourself to save money by using affirmations, our soundtracks will ask your deeper mind positive questions, and since you are not force feeding it false beliefs, it will start to give you answers and in record time, you will start seeing changes because the answers will come! So you can try these yourself, or you can download our 30 minute nature soundtracks and let them do the work for you.

Included on the save money tracks are these afformations:

  • Why am I becoming highly focused on being smart with my money?
  • Why am I completely debt free and so cautious with my money?
  • Why am I completely free from impulse buying?
  • Why am I constantly growing my savings account?
  • Why am I developing rock solid financial discipline
  • Why am I developing such a positive attitude towards money?
  • Why am I rational and logical about saving money?
  • Why am I so capable of consistently saving money?
  • Why am I so dedicated to saving money?
  • Why am I so good at saving money?
  • Why am I so highly disciplined with my money?
  • Why am I so smart with my money?
  • Why am I totally in control of my finances?
  • Why am I transforming into someone who makes healthy spending decisions
  • Why do I always find ways to save money?
  • Why do I always think of the future and the benefits of saving money?
  • Why do I closely track all my spending habits?
  • Why do I enjoy saving money so much?
  • Why do I find it so easy and natural to save my money?
  • Why do I find it so easy to control my spending habits?
  • Why do I find it so easy to save my money?
  • Why do I only buy things I really need?
  • Why do people look up to me as someone who is smart with money?
  • Why does being smart with my finances come so naturally to me?
  • Why does proper money management making it so easy to save money?
  • Why does saving money feel so good?
  • Why does saving money have such a positive impact on my life?
  • Why does saving money seem so effortless?
  • Why is my savings account growing bigger and bigger?
  • Why is saving money is something I really enjoy?

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