Positive Thinking Afformations

By | March 24, 2014

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking, simply put, WILL change your perspective on life. Remove negative thoughts from your mind by replacing them with positive thoughts. Easier said than done. Affirmations are positive statements, but we offer subliminal afformations, a new way to reprogram your mind using questions that will make your mind search for the answers and bring forth the answers automatically.

You can start making positive changes right now using our subliminal afformation mp3s with positive thinking questions. No more affirming that you think positive, simply let our tracks play while you go about your business and effortlessly start bringing positive thoughts to your conscious awareness.

Free demos of oursubliminal afformations:

Change your thoughts and change your life, it really is that simple, but you have to take the first step. Options to change your thought process include using affirmations day after day, using other subliminal programs that enforce affirmations, or you can get your mind moving in the positive direction automatically by asking it the right questions pertaining t positive thinking.

Afformations are proven effective time and again, and our subliminal message audios will change your life. Here are the questions your subconscious will be asked over and over again, bringing forth the answers effortlessly and changing your entire belief system with no little effort from you:

  • Why do I always choose positive thoughts over negative thoughts?
  • Why am I becoming effortlessly positive?
  • Why am I becoming full of radiant optimism and positivity?
  • Why am I developing into someone who always radiates positive energy?
  • Why am I full of optimism and positivity?
  • Why am I full of positive thoughts from the moment I wake up?
  • Why am I harnessing the power of positive thinking?
  • Why am I now feeling great about myself and my life?
  • Why am I releasing my negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones?
  • Why am I so attracted to being a positive thinker?
  • Why am I starting feel more and more optimistic?
  • Why am I starting to feel so good about myself?
  • Why am I starting to think more and more positive?
  • Why do I always find the positive in everything?
  • Why do I always think positive?
  • Why do I effortlessly release negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones?
  • Why do I find it easy to have positive thoughts at will?
  • Why do I think positive thoughts and radiate positive energy with ease?
  • Why does positive thinking feel more natural with each passing day?
  • Why have I chosen to become a positive person?
  • Why have I chosen to become a positive thinker?
  • Why have I chosen to start thinking positive about everything I see, hear, do and say?
  • Why is my attitude starting to reflect that of a completely positively charged person?
  • Why is positive thinking becoming a natural part of who I am?
  • Why is positive thinking transforming my life?

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