Increase your sex drive afformations

By | December 12, 2014

sex drive afformationsDo you want to enhance your libido and unleash your sexual desire? You can tap into the power of your mind using subliminal afformations! If you take these afformations seriously and use them on a daily basis they will empower you to totally rewire your deepest beliefs and thought patterns surrounding sex and sexual desire usinf afformations.

Just imagine, coming home from work and being primed to rip your partners clothes off and making them crave you even more because you are a sexual dynamo! Using afformations are a great way to change your thought patterns about having a strong sex drive and craving sex. You can use the afformations on this page as an example or make up your own related to sexual desire. We also offer our afformations in mp3 format with 4 tracks you can use to change your thoughts about sex effortlessly. Although reading the afformations out loud will definitely intensify the effects even more, you can change your sex drive and your sexual intensity with ease by downloading our tracks and reading the afformations every morning out loud to yourself.

If you are single and like playing the feild, these afformations can give you the radiant of a sex god or goddess. When you walk in the room, people will notice and you will be ready to take someone home with you with little effort. Start giving off the signals that you ae ready to tear into someone you find attractive, make them want you using nothing but the power of your mind! No more lonely nights, you’ll want sex so bad it will just come to you effortlessly.

Free demos of our subliminal afformations:

Here is a list of afformations used on our subliminal audio soundtracks that you can download instantly:

  • Why am I so sexually charged?
  • Why do I crave intense sexual pleasure?
  • Why am I in the mood to ravage my partner?
  • Why am I such a sexual being?
  • Why am I such an amazing lover?
  • Why am I so full of sexual energy?
  • Why is my mind and body so primed for sex?
  • Why am I such a highly sexual person?
  • Why is my body tingling with so much sexual desire?
  • Why is my sex drive so powerful and strong?
  • Why is my sex drive increasing?
  • Why am I beginning to feel so sexually charged?
  • Why is my body feeling more sexual every single day?
  • Why is my sex life improving?
  • Why am I having so much sex?
  • Why do I have such powerful sexual experiences?
  • Why do I always fantasize about my partner and build sexual tension?
  • Why am I becoming so excited about having sex?
  • Why am I developing such a powerful sex drive?
  • Why do I need sex all the time?
  • Why is my sex drive just naturally strong?
  • Why is sex such an important part of my life?
  • Why is so much sexual desire burning inside me?
  • Why do I always want sex?
  • Why do I have the kind of sex life that others only dream of?
  • Why does thinking about sex and getting excited feel so normal?
  • Why is my sex life so out of this world?
  • Why do I have such an amazingly intense sex drive?
  • Why is my body so wired for sexual pleasure?
  • Why do I enjoy thinking about sex so much?

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