No doubt, you may have questions regarding the subliminal message programs we offer. Here is a list of frequently asked questions that should help clear up anything you may be concerned with.

Are subliminal messages safe?

  • YES. Subliminal messages are absolutely safe, ours are setup to make your mind think and find answers, unlike others that give your mind direct statements, working with questions can broaden your horizons and bring about very fast results.

What are afformations?

  • Afformations are much like affirmations, but instead of a direct statement, you are asking your mind a question which forces it to think instead of just hearing the statement over and over again.

Do I have to use headphones?

  • Headphones are not required. You can choose to use them if you wish, but they are not necessary to gain the benefits. Simply put them on and go about your business, they are nature sounds so they will not distract you in any way. There is also a silent track included for you to listen to on the go.

Do I have to listen to them everyday?

  • This is a common question, the answer is… How fast do you want to see results? The more often you listen, the faster your mind will find the answers to the questions it is being asked. If you constantly repeat a set of afformations over and over, your mind sets forth to find the answers, so the answer to this is completely up to the user and how fast they want to see results.

How long are the tracks?

  • Each track is approximately 30 minutes in length. You get 4 tracks total in each program. Frogs & Crickets, Ocean Waves, Thunderstorm and a silent track.

What does subliminal mean?

  • Subliminal means below the threshold of awareness, you have a conscious and unconscious mind, your unconscious mind is what runs your body and guides all your decisions. By subjecting questions straight to your unconscious mind, you are bypassing the ego which creates conflicts with the beliefs and limitations you have set for yourself.
  • You can consciously ask the questions, but at the same time, your ego can step in and give you a false answer and it takes a lot of self-discipline to remember to do it everyday, which is why a lot of people give up on these self empowering tools altogether and choose subliminal programs to help make changes.

How long before I see any changes?

  • Some people will notice changes within a few days, others it will take longer, again, this is reflected totally upon how much you listen to the tracks and how strong your mind is. We recommend listening to a set of tracks at least once a day for at least 5-6 weeks to see permanent changes.

When should I listen to the afformations?

  • The best time to listen is right before bed and in the morning, but you can put them on repeat and listen while sleeping to keep the answers coming while asleep. Again, these are not heard by the ear, only your unconscious mind will hear the questions, all you will hear is the sounds of nature, or nothing at all if you choose the silent track.

If I can’t hear the afformations, how do I know they are working?

  • Skeptical? The best way to answer this is to try our self-esteem booster for free. After a couple weeks, you decide for yourself if they are changing your state of mind, we offer this track for free to anyone who is skeptical, plus increasing your self esteem can dramatically change your life, so enjoy 🙂 Once you try our subliminal afformations, you may never be skeptical again. So this one is on us.

Do you guarantee your products?

  • Absolutely, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our products, no questions asked if not fully satisfied.  You have a full 60 days to use the product and if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can get a refund no questions asked, no headaches. Most will start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks and will not even consider getting a refund, but the option is there if you are unsatisfied for any reason.