Attract Opportunities Afformations

By | August 19, 2014

Attract OpportunitiesUse our positive afformations to help you attract opportunities like a powerful magnet!

We believe deeply in the power of the law of attraction (LOA is another word for love, when you really love something, you attract it into your life). The law of Attraction has the ability to change pessimistic thought patterns and give people the ability to manifest their desired reality and we can help using our amazing subliminal afforamtions. One of the most important factors in taking your life in a positive direction is opening yourself up to new opportunities, new adventures, and all the benefits that come with fresh life experiences.

New opportunities can bring you more money, love, success, adventure. The possibilities are virtually endless. Your ability to attract opportunities is THE doorway to practically everything you want in life, so start loving opportunities and watch as your life transorfms before your very eyes.

Use these positive afformations to take control of the way you think and in so doing maximize your law of attraction efforts, we make the process simple by way of relaxation sounds that directly injects these afforamtions into your subconscious mind. They will naturally transform your mind and give you the ability to effortlessly manifest new opportunities in every area of your life on complete autopilot.

Free demos of oursubliminal afformations:


Here are 22 Opportunity attracting afformations you can use or download from our site to listen to subliminally!

  • Why do I attract so many opportunities?
  • Why am I completely tuned-in to the opportunities that surround me?
  • Why do I always take advantage of new opportunities?
  • Why is my mind so focused on manifesting positive opportunities?
  • Why am I such a powerful opportunity magnet?
  • Why am I always surrounded by fresh new opportunities?
  • Why do I attract exciting opportunities everwhere I go?
  • Why am I so thankful for every opportunity that comes my way?
  • Why do I constantly attract new opportunities into my life?
  • Why do I always manifest new and exciting opportunities?
  • Why am I noticing an expansion in my awareness of opportunities?
  • Why are new opportunities always coming my way?
  • Why do I seize every opportunity that comes my way?
  • Why am I beginning to see more and more opportunities?
  • Why am I starting to see massive opportunities all around me?
  • Why am I transforming into someone who effortlessly attracts positive opportunities?
  • Why am I naturally tuned-in to all the opportunities of life?
  • Why do I attract opportunities like a magnet?
  • Why do opportunities just always seem to come my way?
  • Why do I find it so easy to manifest fresh opportunities whenever I want?
  • Why does each day present completely new and exciting opportunities?
  • Why do positive opportunities seem to be naturally attracted to me?

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