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Affirmations are old, outdated, and the truth is… they just don’t work that great.

You’ve heard of affirmations, positive statements which you repeat over and over to help change your life. Using affirmations is fine and dandy, but how many times do you have to tell yourself something that you do not really believe before it comes true if at all? Affirmations CAN work, with a lot of persistence but many times, affirmations fall short simply because you are telling yourself a complete lie contrary to what you really believe. A lot of people just give up on affirmations altogether because they take so much effort and it can be frustrating to force yourself to change and believe a lie.

You may have heard of subliminal messages and the power of these programs, and yes, they do work, on complete autopilot. Subliminal messages bypass your conscious filtering mind that protects the subconscious from taking in everything as a truth, which is part of the reason why affirmations just don’t work as good as we would like them to. Subliminal messages have helped millions of people transform their lives with almost no effort at all.

Afformations are the wave of the future

Have you heard of afformations? That is not a misspell. Yes, afformations (not affirmations) are the wave of the future in the positive reprogramming of your mind. What exactly are afformations and how do they work? Afformations are very similar to affirmations, they are positive in nature, but the big difference is they are questions instead of just plain affirmative statements. The mind works with questions and it is to your advantage to use questions to make changes in your life.

Think about this for a second: The sky is blue, WOW, OK, that’s nice… Now ask yourself: WHY IS THE SKY BLUE?
Which one makes your mind start to work? The answer is obvious. When you ask a question, your mind goes to work to FIND THE ANSWER, every single time, no matter what the question is. It’s WHY? The mind already knows the how, you have to ask WHY to get the how. Many people are always asking how to do something, but why? Why? WHY??? Exactly.

Here is an example of an affirmation turned into an afformation:
I am confident = Why am I confident?

Say each out loud and see for yourself the huge difference in the two. It is easy to see the power behind the question over a blank (sometimes false) statement or affirmation. The afformation makes your mind THINK OF REASONS WHY you are confident, which is the key to manifesting the life of your dreams. When your mind has to think of why, it is processing the information, coming up with ideas as to why instead of automatically dismissing the false statement quicker than you can repeat it! Try a few more…

I am rich = Why am I rich?
I am happy = Why am I happy?
I love myself = Why do I love myself?

Subliminal afformations is a completely new way to transform your life and your thinking! We combine the power of subliminal messages with the awesome power of afformations giving your mind a complete overhaul in the quickest possible time. Subliminal afformations is the newest type of subliminal programming online and will soon be one of the biggest and best.

All you have to do is push play on your audio player and let your mind start soaking up the questions that will actually trigger real responses from your subconscious mind. The best part about this is that it is done on autopilot, you don’t have to repeat the questions to yourself, sit back and let our MP3s do it for you!

Why Choose Subliminal Afformations?

  • The mind works with questions, not blank statements
  • 3 nature type MP3s included in each program (Frogs & Crickets / Ocean Waves / Thunderstorm – 30 Minutes each)
  • 1 silent subliminal MP3 for on the go (30 minutes, no sound)
  • No more telling your mind straight up lies!
  • Make your mind work for you, not against you.
  • Very affordable
  • Quickest way to reprogram your mind
  • Set and forget technology, all you need is an audio player!
  • Can burn to CD to play in your car or radio
  • No other website offers these super effective soundtracks
  • Many subliminal programs to choose from and more to come
  • The first and newest of it’s kind
  • 100% Money Back / Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so very confident these subliminal afformations will work for you, so confident that we are giving away our free self esteem subliminal affirmation tracks for you to try! Everyone could use a nice self esteem boost, so give it a shot, you have nothing to lose! We believe once you see the power of the subliminal afformation programs, you will be back to try other products we have. Just pick one of the nature tracks (or all 3) and put it on repeat while you sleep and watch as your self esteem builds with no effort at all in just a few short weeks!

Why wouldn’t you want to try a free subliminal afformation that could change your life?

Download the free self esteem subliminal afformation tracks:

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